Is your dog suffering from constant biting and scratching?

It could be that your dog is suffering from a contact allergy caused from their environment.  If so, then it’s time to “Ditch the Itch” with our Spring package.
Allergies to grasses, pollen and wandering jew is something that is becoming more common in pets especially dogs. This can be from pollen via inhalation through the respiratory tract and also as a contact allergy when coming into contact with grasses and wandering jew.   This manifests itself as pink raw itchy skin, rashes and raised spots like pimples. With a contact allergy it is very common for the animal to be irritated in the under carriage – tummy, arm pits, groin, paws and also around the ears and mouth.

There will be lots of licking, scratching and biting of these areas.  With the trauma this activity creates, it can lead on to secondary infections of the skin.  For many pets the only answer has been a vet visit and their pet put on steroids to stop the inflammation.

These contact allergies are called atopic dermatitis.  The animal will start with a reaction to grass or wandering jew in the spring or summer, but with the reaction from the body it can develop into an all year round issue, so you can have an animal that is affected all year round.  Their immune system will also be compromised.

Get your dog’s itch under control immediately.